I feel privileged to write a reference letter for CCT in regard to both its methodology approach and the quality of its consultants.
I worked with CCT consultants throughout the entire software selection process. For our company, it was important to not only document our processes, but also to improve our processes, prior to implementing a software package. CCT consultants traveled to our site several times and conducted sessions with our team to ensure we captured all of our key requirements. In addition, they facilitated workshops that enabled us to define and optimize our business processes to align with our company goals and position us for future growth. Through business process management, we were able to provide desired processes to the software vendor. This enabled us to mitigate our risk and reduced our overall costs by implementing our software solution 20 percent faster than anticipated.
Implementing a software package can be a difficult process with many associated risks. The CCT team helped us address the risks and positioned us for a successful implementation. It is not only important to take the appropriate steps when selecting a software vendor, but to have an unbiased partner you trust help guide you through the process. I highly recommend CCT as a trusted partner for all ITSM software projects.
John D., Dell Inc
I am pleased to write this testimonial regarding Dell’s experience with CCT for our ITAM system selection process.
Dell’s Team was pleased and impressed with both the methodology and people we dealt with throughout the project. Their knowledge and experience was extremely helpful as they guided us throughout our system selection process. They were very thorough and flexible in developing a plan that suited our needs and unique requirements. The planned work and process were spelled out in detail in our contract and the statement of work objectives and expectations were met in full. I was most impressed with CCT’s flexibility in adapting to Dell’s specific needs and occasional variations in project pacing. They showed professionalism in all dealing with us and the members of various ITAM companies; taking into account company size, styles, and personalities. A major CCT contribution in this project was its overall guidance and recommendations during the ITAM vendor product demonstrations and final contract review and specification.
Mary O'Brien, CEO, Iberia Bank
CCT’s team was very professional, engaging, patient, truly diligent & had outstanding character in completing what turned out to be quite a significant amount of inventory work. We could support through audit a confidence level that 98% of all prescribed assets were accounted for & tagged. Again, CCT displayed a high-level of competence, quality service, & diligence. It was a pleasure working with their team!
Joe Murphy, CFO, Axiom
I really enjoyed working with CCT. From start to finish, everyone was very knowledgeable and helpful. The process they have in place is wonderful. All of the pre-inventory work helped to divert any on site problems that might have arisen. CCT’s expertise helped the entire process flow smoothly and everything possible was done to avoid interrupting anyone’s work. The onsite teams did a superb job and their professionalism and courtesy is very impressive.
Joan Maguire, MD, QBE
We have had the pleasure of working with Craig Moore and his team at CCT for many years. They have always provided us with an excellent service, have been a trusted source of information and advice and I would recommend their services without any hesitation.
Joan Maguire, MD, QBE
Trying to manage your whole IT environment with a multitude of data sources and trying to track that back to inventory of record is a nightmare. What CCT does is correlate all those data sources into the solid IT inventory record that you’ve dreamed of all this time.
Joan Maguire, MD, QBE